23 June 2016


Let’s face it; these days we rarely have time to reconfigure our corkscrews without another restaurant popping up in Cape Town! This is good news right? It displays our pioneering popularity when it comes to food and wine on a global scale.

But this is no restaurant. The Stack is a venue with a difference. Brasserie, bar and private members’ club pioneered by two of Cape Town’s most influentials, hotelier Nigel Pace, and his wife Sarah Ord, a big name on the South African interior design scene.And it shows. From the carefully selected antique furniture to the historical books, Sarah’s style is quirky and bold with a unique South African flavour.

By day: a convivial space for like-minded business men and women to entertain. By night: open to members only. And they don’t do stuffy and strict dress codes which we love.

Anyone that knows anything in this town will know about their devastating fire that swept through the entire property six days after their original launch in July 2015. Through sheer determination this tenacious couple lovingly rebuilt, restored and replicated The Stack all over again and re-opened in June of this year. And we’ve been twice in one week!

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