You want to experience Africa because much like us you’ve heard the whispers or experienced beauty so enriching and alluring you are and will be compelled to return. Classic Escapes are completely unique travel specialists. Why? Because we pride ourselves in our personalised consultations, intimate client relationships, impeccable service and standards, sustainability support and the fact that we have visited every place we recommend. Our team are passionate ambassadors for The Africa Continent and we want to share it with you in a way that is unrepeated and true to you and your loved ones. Africa is our home and a place we love and feel impassioned about sharing and preserving.
We are committed to Sustainability and partnering with properties that do their level best to aspire to these regulations and more importantly protect and preserve iconic wildlife regions which are under increasing threat of human encroachment and poaching. One of the most powerful ways in which to accelerate the process is by involving and educating the local communities, and receiving their buy in.
Botswana, an iconic African landscape and home to one of the continent's seven natural wonders, is a popular destination for nature lovers and safari seekers. There is something elemental about the contrast of this fertile and unspoilt land, from the rising and falling of its waterways to the soundtrack of the Kalahari desert plains. Personalised luxury is our ‘game’, whichever way you chose to explore this wild and magical place.
No wildlife event on earth rivals East Africa’s remarkable Great Migration. Millions of zebra, wildebeest and antelope cross the East African plains in a dramatic display of their instinct for survival. Not only do we know all the when, where and how secrets to the greatest wildlife show on earth - we’ll get you to the front row!
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