Terms & Conditions

Booking Procedure

Once Classic Escapes has made the bookings we will endeavour to hold them on a provisional basis for you for 21 days to give you time to make a decision. Booking policies differ from property to property in the various countries we offer holidays to. Thus, this provisional policy is a guideline but may change.

  • Once we have received a non-refundable deposit of 25% of tour fare, we will confirm the arrangements. When we confirm to you in writing, then your booking is confirmed and accepted by us.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you a copy of our pre-tour information for your holiday. Please ensure that you also take out full travel insurance when the deposit is paid.
  • Final payment is due to Classic Escapes no later than 60 days prior to departure. On receipt of your full payment, we will issue vouchers etc.
  • If the booking is made less than 60 days prior to arrival, the booking requirements will be advised to you accordingly.
  • Please be advised that despite booking being confirmed, unless flights are paid for in full at time of booking, they remain subject to current Industry and Aviation Fuel Increases, including exchange rate fluctuations and if any flights have been quoted and booked on your behalf by Classic Escapes, industry related fuel increases may be experienced. The client/agent will be liable for fuel surcharges unless they have been settled in full upon to guarantee the price which is only valid for 24 hours upon quoting.

After payment of the deposit invoice your booking is confirmed and the balance will be due 6 weeks prior to arrival (unless booking is within 60 days).
Upon final payment you will be issued with your final details, vouchers and air tickets (if applicable).

Payment Method

Credit card: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for ZAR payments. Credit card fees may apply.
Direct deposit: Please deposit the amount due via direct deposit/money transfer to our bank account provided on the invoice. ZAR payments to be made into our ZAR account and USD payments to be made into our USD account.

Please note that should you have been quoted in US Dollars and wish to settle payment by means of a credit card, your quotation will be converted to South African Rand prior to the transaction being processed. The Dollar/Rand rate of exchange on the day that the transaction is processed will be used to determine the equivalent Rand amount. The South African Reserve Bank prohibits South African companies from taking foreign credit card payments and keeping the payment in foreign currency. The payment has to be converted to South African Rand’s before it is credited to the recipient.
Guests are welcome to settle payment by means of a bank transfer. In this instance the amount will be converted by your bank on presentation of the invoice. ALL bank charges are for the guests account.

Cost Structure

Classic Escapes' quotations are based on anticipated costs and are subject to change should the anticipated costs increase due to circumstances outside the control of Classic Escapes.

Government Taxes And Imposts

Any increase in government taxes affecting costs included in the tour price will be passed onto and paid for by the client. Any increase in the tour price due to a government tax rate hike or institution of a new tax or impost shall not be sufficient grounds for any refund of fees already paid for the tour, or for the cancellation of a booking for a tour.


Cancellation fees are levied when guests cancel confirmed reservations.
We strongly recommend cancellation and curtailment insurance be purchased due to any unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays, baggage loss or ill health.


Once the tour has commenced, refunds will not be made for tours, meals or other special activities that are missed by the client.

Unscheduled Extensions

Any request to amend or change a booking once it has been confirmed may be accommodated subject to space availability. If the Company is able to assist, an administrative fee of ZAR500 per change will be assessed. These fees will be added to your final invoice. In the unlikely event of there being unscheduled alterations to the itinerary caused by flight re-scheduling, flight delays, bad weather, strikes or any other cause which is beyond the control of Classic Escapes, its agents or principals, it is understood that expenses relating to these unscheduled extensions (hotel accommodation etc.) will be for the Client's account. 
If you are a "no show," at the stipulated time of departure of the tour, without having given Classic Escapes any notice, Classic Escapes shall be entitled to treat your reservation as cancelled and the provisions of cancellations shall apply. (Please note that if the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of any holiday insurance policy held by you, such charges will normally be refunded by the insurance company, subject to the terms of the insurance).

Itinerary Variations & Transfers

While every effort is made to keep to all published itineraries, Classic Escapes reserves the right to make changes for the Client's convenience, eg. in some cases, weather conditions can necessitate an alteration in the tour itinerary and this does not constitute any reason for refund.

Visa / Inoculations

Please consult your medical practitioner for any necessary vaccinations, inoculations or medication prior to travel. For malaria specific information in Africa, please see www.travelclinic.co.za

Visas and immunisation requirements vary from country to country and up-to-date information should be obtained from your local health department and consulate. The risk of not being able to commence or continue with the tour as a result of defects or deficiencies in visas or immunization, rests exclusively with the client.

Passports and Travel documentation

International visitors require a valid passport together with onward travel documents. If travelling to South Africa then guests must please ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months after their entry date and that they have a minimum of 3 blank back to back pages (if there is insufficient space in the passport then entry will be denied) in their passport to enable the entry visa to be issued. All passport holders should verify with their relevant consulate concerning visa entry requirements.
Please ensure that you have all the necessary visas prior to departure (unless available on entry) as Classic Escapes cannot be held liable for any errors. If you are extending your journey to other countries, please establish entry requirements for those countries as well. In addition, a parent traveling with children, without the other parent, will need a letter of consent from the absent parent. The letter of consent must be certified by the police.
An unabridged birth certificate is required for all children travelling under the age 18 years old to South Africa.

Baggage Information

Passengers will be allowed two pieces of luggage on International flights, the total dimensions not to exceed 107 linear inches for both pieces. One carry-on piece may also be taken, if it can be stored under the seat and its measurements do not exceed 45 inches. Note: smaller aircraft may have weight and piece limits. Please check your schedule.

Flights and Airline Responsibility Clause

Please note that in the event of flights being booked by Classic Escapes on behalf of the guest, airlines require the full names of passengers as printed on their passports and will not accept changes once tickets are issued. Classic Escapes accepts no responsibility for incorrect passport numbers or incorrect spelling of full names. Please ensure accurate information is sent to your Classic Escapes consultant.
Classic Escapes and the company staff are not responsible for any airline schedule or airfare changes, cancellations, overbooking or damage or loss of baggage and property to the extent that such items are beyond its control. Any and all claims for any loss or injury suffered on any airline must be made directly with the airline involved and not Classic Escapes. Air schedule changes may necessitate additional nights being added to your tour. Provided these schedule changes are beyond the control of Classic Escapes, any resulting additional costs must be borne by the guest. Classic Escapes cannot be held liable for any delays or additional costs incurred as a result of airlines not running to schedule.

Replacement Guides

If a private guide is unable to lead a pre-scheduled safari due to illness, etc., Classic Escapes and its operators in Africa reserve the right to substitute with another guide.


Classic Escapes, its outfitters, operators of the tour and/or suppliers of services act only as agents in regard to travel, whether by plane, car or motor coach, and shall incur no liability for injury, damage or loss, for any reason including but not limited to accident, delay, war, insurrection, revolt or other civil uprising, other military action, strikes or any Act of God occurring in either the country of origin, destination or through passage, or for any reason whatsoever, or through the acts or default of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passengers or in carrying out arrangements of the tour. Classic Escapes shall not be liable or responsible for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air schedules or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be the responsibility of the client. Classic Escapes reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the itinerary and the right is reserved to cancel any tour prior to departure. Classic Escapes shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to luggage during the tour programme. The submission by the client of the reservation & booking form shall be deemed to be consent to these conditions.

Medical Information / Liability Release

Participation on a safari or tour to Southern Africa requires that you be in generally good health. All guests must understand that while a high level of fitness is not required, a measure of physical activity is involved in all African safaris and tours. It is essential that persons with any medical problems and/or related dietary restrictions make them known to us well before departure. Anti-malaria precautions should be taken by the client, and these are the sole responsibility of the client. Any required inoculations must be recorded by the client's health practitioner on a valid vaccination certificate which the client must carry in his/her possession throughout the tour. Classic Escapes will not be responsible for the accuracy of any medical information. You should consult your doctor or pharmacist for up to date requirements and personal recommendations.

Wild Animals

Please be aware that our safaris and tours may take you into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are rare, but no safari into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. Classic Escapes shall not be held responsible for any injury or incident on the safari or tour, Whether by virtue of wild animal attack or otherwise. Please note that the majority of the safari camps are not fenced and that wildlife do move freely in and around the camps. Always follow the safety instructions from the camp's staff with regards to moving to and from your tent and while on game activities throughout your safari.

Not Included In Itinerary

Insurance to cover for cancellation and curtailment, medical, baggage, money, and emergency evacuation; beverages at certain hotels and lodges; personal laundry at certain hotels and lodges; telephone calls, gratuities to guides and hotel and lodge staff; any excursion not related to the tour; petrol for self drive tours; additional meals are not included in itinerary or cost structure.


Please be aware that during your participation in this tour certain risks and dangers may arise, including, but not limited to, the hazards of traveling in wild or undeveloped areas, travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft or other means conveyance, the forces of nature, political unrest, crime, accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. Also be aware and clearly understand that Classic Escapes will not be responsible for the provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. It is understood that Classic Escapes will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that all adequate measures are taken to avoid such occurrences. By signing the Reservations and Booking Form you are voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge of the dangers involved and hereby agree to accept any and all risks.

Insurance & Liability

It is strongly recommended to insure against cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, loss or damage to personal property, loss or damage to luggage. Neither the Company nor persons acting for, through or on behalf of the Company shall be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any cause whatsoever and without restricting the generality of the foregoing shall particularly not be responsible for loss or damage arising from any errors or omissions contained in its brochure or other literature, late or non-confirmation or acceptance of reservations, loss or damage caused by delays, accidents, sickness, injury or death, whether caused by negligence or not. The content of Classic Escapes' brochures and other advertising material comprise advertising which changes from time to time and such advertising material does not comprise a representation or warranty as to the experience obtained on a tour. 
Classic Escapes may, at its discretion and without any liability or cost to itself, at any time cancel or terminate a passenger's reservation and in particular without limiting the generality of the foregoing it shall be entitled to do so in the event of the illness or the illegal, unlawful or incompatible behaviour of the passenger, who shall in such circumstances not be entitled to any refund.

Special Requests

You must advise Classic Escapes in writing of any special requests; e.g. diet, facility or physical handicap, when you submit your reservation request to Classic Escapes. Classic Escapes will meet such requests, if possible.


If there is cause for complaint while travelling, it must immediately be brought to Classic Escapes attention.


The payment of the advance payment OR any other partial payment for a reservation on a safari constitutes consent to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained in Classic Escapes. The terms under which you agree to take these safaris cannot be changed or amended except in writing signed by an authorised officer of Classic Escapes. Please remember, when you book travel related services with the Company, you are entering into a binding agreement that assumes all terms and conditions are fully understood as stated in this document.

Liability Release and Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge that I have voluntarily agreed to participate in the trip designated on the Reservations & Booking Form. In so doing I subject that I may be subjecting myself to dangers and hazards, which could result in illness, injury or death. I also acknowledge that there are inherent dangers which may arise at anytime during the trip. I am specifically familiar with and accept the risk of these dangers and hazards inherent in partaking in my trip and am aware that medical services and facilities may not be available while I am participating in this trip. In order to partake in the enjoyment and excitement of this travel trip, I am willing to accept the risks and uncertainties involved as being an integral part of my tour.

Release and covenant not to sue

I understand that Classic Escapes will contract with independent contractors on this trip, including transportation, travel services and guide services. I understand and acknowledge that Classic Escapes has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the actions of any independent contractors, and that no independent contractor has authority to make commitments for, or on behalf, of Classic Escapes. As partial consideration for my participation in the trip and for Classic Escapes undertakings, I agree that neither I, nor any of my heirs, dependants, personal or legal representatives, nor family members will bring suit against Classic Escapes, as a result of any acts or omissions by Classic Escapes or its independent contractors, involved in this trip. I hereby release, indemnify and covenant not to sue Classic Escapes, or its directors, shareholders, agents or employees for any and all claims of whatever kind arising from my participation in the trip, including, but not limited to, personal injury, illness, death, damage, or monetary loss, except for such claims arising out of the grossly negligent acts, omissions or misconduct of Classic Escapes, or its directors, shareholders, agents and employees involved with this trip.


In the event of any dispute, default or disagreement (generically hereinafter referred to as "dispute") arising between the parties, whether during the continuance of this agreement or upon or after its termination, in respect of, or arising out of this agreement, including, but not limited to its implementation, validity, interpretation, termination, cancellation, or the rights or duties of any party thereunder, such dispute shall be resolved by way of arbitration in Johannesburg, South Africa. Either party shall be entitled to refer such dispute to the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa ("AFSA") or AFSA's successor, for resolution by an arbitrator in accordance with and subject to the provisions of AFSA's expedited arbitration rules and the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1965 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force, but subject always to the stipulations agreed to between the parties and recorded herein.

Knowing and Voluntary Execution

I have carefully read and understand Classic Escapes Booking Terms & Conditions, I have familiarized myself with all the information provided to me about this trip and agree to all stated conditions set forth in the Booking Terms & Conditions. I have also carefully read and agree to the terms & conditions of this agreement. I understand that it is a release of liability and a contract between myself and Classic Escapes, and/or its contracted operators or affiliated organizations, and I sign this agreement of my own free will. This agreement is binding on my heirs, dependents, legal representatives and assigns.

Limitation of Liability

Should Classic Escapes its servants and/or agents incur any liability by reason of loss or damage to person or property, including but not limited to the event of a death, arising out of an event or events occurring on any trip to which these terms and conditions relate, which is not excluded by these terms and conditions, however such liability may arise, and whether or not such liability is attributable to any act of any person for whose acts Classic Escapes is responsible in law, such liability shall in all cases be limited to R 100.00 (one hundred rand) for any one cause of liability and provided further that any liability of Classic Escapes arising as aforesaid, shall notwithstanding the nature of the client's losses or damages, be limited to a total of R 100.00 (one hundred rand).

Integration and Severability

Subject to the obligations and duties set forth herein, this Liability Release and Covenant Not to Sue, the Classic Escapes' Reservations & Booking Form, and Travel Insurance Acceptance form, all of which are incorporated herein by this reference, constitute the whole agreement between the parties. In the event that an arbitrator or court of law declares any term or terms of these documents invalid, such declaration such not affect the remainder of the terms of the agreement, which shall be valid and enforceable.

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