Rhino Conservation Safari
A rare and incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with these endangered animals in the company of a specialist ranger and wildlife vet. South Africa's Kwandwe Private Game Reserve is home to both black and white rhino, and guests are invited to be a part of securing the future of this iconic animal.

Rhino Conservation Safari


Walk in the footsteps of conservationists as you embark on an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Guests at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, wilderness stretching across 54 000 acres in the heart of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, are invited to join Managing Director and Conversation Manager, Angus Sholto-Douglas and his team of wildlife vets on an emotional journey participating in the notching of black and white rhinos.

As part of a three of four night safari staying in any of Kwandwe’s lodges and villas, guests are welcome to participate in the much needed, ever important and thrilling rhino-darting and notching programme. Angus will meet with guests the day prior and explain the process of darting and microchipping their ears for identification purposes, enabling experts to track and identify these magnificent horned animals. The humbling programme is essential and greatly aids in the preservation of an endangered species that is hunted mercilessly, illegally and without reservation.

Cherish this incredible opportunity to get involved with these greatly threatened animals - this is physical, hands-on experience, which entails actively helping in darting a rhino, cutting ID notches, taking DNA samples, implanting microchips, fitting ankle transmitters and assessing and assisting the animal while it is under sedation under the careful guidance of the ranger and wildlife vet team. This provides the team on the ground with invaluable research data and immediate locations of all their rhino.

This type of contribution is such a direct and tangible way to assist in the conservation of this species - 100% of proceeds go back into rhino conservation.

To talk about once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences, there can be few that match this one for excitement, emotion and positive commitment to our planet.


Caroline's Hot Tips

The participation cost of ZAR 40,000 is a donation towards rhino conservation – 100% of the proceeds are poured straight into these conservation efforts

Explore the reserve by air on a short helicopter flight post the rhino notching experience

Maximum of 8 guests

Due to safety concerns, children under the age of 16 years are not permitted to assist

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