18 February 2019

Zimbabwe's Greats

A treasure trove of natural wonders and a nation of charm, ZIMBABWE is one of the friendliest and most exquisite countries in Africa. An iconic travel destination. 

This is an authentic, rugged destination that we especially recommend to clients returning to Africa for an off-the-beaten track experience. In addition to delivering some of the best game viewing across Africa in the care of some of the most respected guides in the business, a Zimbabwe safari offers classic tented camps and lodges that are luxuriously comfortable without being ostentatious, fresh, wholesome cuisine, and one of the warmest welcomes in the world

Zimbabwe is a land-locked country in Southern Africa, bordering Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia. The Zambezi River runs along Zimbabwe’s and Zambia’s border and flows over the spectacular Victoria Falls. The country itself is approximately the same size as the state of Montana in the United States or three times the size of England as a whole!

Commercial flights between Johannesburg or Cape Town in South Africa and Victoria Falls or Harare in Zimbabwe make for easy access, coupled with a network of charter flights connecting these hubs with the various safari destinations in the country.


Experience encounters with the iconic Big 5 and discover diverse landscapes from lush mountains and rivers teeming with wildlife to plains and Kalahari sands. With hundreds of bird species, plenty of big game, and one of the largest elephant herds in Africa – it’s a safari fanatic’s paradise. The Zambezi River is home to large populations of crocodile and hippo and endangered species such as the cheetah and brown hyena can be found meandering Zimbabwe’s plains.

The variety of safari opportunities available are superb. Explore the landscape on foot on a walking safari, on horseback, from the water in a canoe or boat and, of course, from the back of a 4X4 game vehicle.


Without a doubt, another reason to visit Zimbabwe is to go on a safari led by one of their expert guides. Guides go through a stringent 4-to-5-year certification process, one of the most difficult guiding processes on the continent, before ending off with a week-long practical exam in the wild, making them naturalists of the highest order.


Any traverse across Zimbabwe’s terrain will greet travelers with a dizzying array of variety. From the lush highlands – so green you’d think you were on another continent entirely – to its open plains, verdant river lands, thrilling Lake Kariba, and its iconic Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe is home to a whopping five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Victoria Falls is a Natural Wonder of the World.


Zimbabwe’s political climate over the years have drawn travellers to consider Botswana or South Africa instead, missing out on this gem of a destination. The resulting low traffic through the country makes for a more exclusive safari experience, away from the crowds.



There are sunsets and there are sunsets – ones where you are slowly suspended into fantasy.

Property Spotlight: Mpala Jena



A picture couldn’t possibly capture the grandeur, the scale, the majesty of the Victoria Falls, The largest waterfall in the world.

Property spotlight: Victoria Falls Hotel



Untamed, beautiful and majestic wildlife at ease amidst the travellers who navigate its diverse landscape to appreciate its splendour.

Property spotlight: Somalisa Camp



A mysterious wonderland whose magnificence occurs to you unexpectedly somewhere in the midst of its great vastness and the epic peaks on its otherwise undisturbed horizon.

Property spotlight: Bumi Hills



Considered to be one of the enduring wildlife sanctuaries of Africa, guided walking safaris are this parks’ signature.

Property spotlight: Ruckomechi Camp



Towering red cliffs and massive baobab trees create a dramatic backdrop to Big 5 game viewing as well as bird watching that ranks among the best in the region.

Property spotlight: Pamushana Lodge

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