5 July 2018

The legend of Chem Chem

Tanzania’s Chem Chem private concession stretches across 50,000 acres of pristine wilderness connecting the immense savannahs of Tarangire National Park and the bird-rich waters of Lake Manyara, where dense palm forests meet lush grasslands rolling down to the lakeshore. Privately owned and managed by Fabia Bausche and Nicolas Negre, the dream for Chem Chem was to rebuild this corridor, restore the habitat after overuse from agriculture and grazing, and work with park authorities to curb once-rampant poaching.

Underlying this dream is an immense love and respect for nature, an understanding of the current challenges facing today’s precious wildlife and a passion to protect not only animals but their natural habitats.

Since 2011, they have devoted all of their time and energy into this concession, the area between a national park and the community, protecting this vital migratory corridor. The surrounding communities are heavily involved and benefit by this sustained eco-tourism model.

You, on the other hand, enjoy 50,000 acres of wilderness exclusively. It’s a place where time, beauty, and pleasure know no boundaries – the perfect African safari. The flip side is that, by supporting Chem Chem, you are directly supporting a very important conservation and community project. This is a wonderful balance that needs to remain intact if we want animals to continue to have a peaceful place on our planet.


Tarangire National Park is an arid savannah during the dry season and home to lush, green plains during the wet. Herds of elephant, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle and hartebeest roam the plains while marshes are home to hundreds of species of birds. Lake Manyara lies like a glittering jewel in its own national park at the foot of the Rift Valley escarpment. Flamingos hover over the lake like a pink cloud while, drawing water from the lake, other areas of the park are lush with forests and home to troops of baboons.

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