20 March 2016


In March of this year I headed off on a special trip to Machaba Camp in the beating heart of Africa with three of my favourites, my boyfriend Pieter, who coincidently is also in the travel game and of course my beloved folks.

Machaba, set in the north eastern Okavango, is the local Setswana name for the Sycamore Fig Tree, the tree of life, which in our case became a pivatol part of our holiday. Every evening all the guests would congregate at one long table under a canvas of sycamores and stars, with a warmth and intimacy that was unforgettable. So much so, that the only other table was a family who after one night got ‘table envy’ and joined us at our table under the trees the following night. But what I love is that if you aren’t feeling sociable, a private dining experience is easy to opt for at any stage during your stay. The food was deliciously hearty, unpretentious and authentic. And I loved the way they move both the tea and drinks set up every afternoon and evening.

Tables and trees aside, everyone knows what this incredible wetland has to offer, and our private guide, Moreri, was the best ambassador to accompany us. He was knowledgeable, patient with all the questions and caring with my folks. Despite the recent rains, we were fortonute enough to have fantastic game viewing including elephants, two leopard sightings, an excellent daylight serval sighting and brilliant birds. We really embraced the exclusivity of the quiet season.

The camp itself is authentic and of the ten tents in total, two of which are cleverly designed generously sized family tents including a lounge area, shared bathroom and two bedrooms - perfect for multi generational holidays. Machabe knows no age limit.

The main area overlooks the Khwai River that provided ample hippo and birding sights and sounds, and it quenches your bathing thirst for their sparkly new swimming pool, because let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to take a dip with our-footed semi-aquatic friends!

Their numerous eco awards are impressive, and although there’s no

wifi or mobile reception in the camp, they do have a little table under the trees where guests can connect with the outside world. Not that you need or want to here!


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