25 August 2016

Objet d'art Obsession

Let’s face it … holidays are not just about beaches, safaris, wine, cuisine and relaxation. Retail therapy forms an essential part of the R&R mix! In fact, if the truth be known, you don’t need to be on holiday in Africa to shop in Africa ! 

We always say avoid the urge to splurge on airport-shop trinkets that you don’t need, and take advice from us on where to go! After all, we are a team of women and thus were all born with a form of shopping obsession!

Our all time favourite must-have is a Patrick Mavros piece! Uniquely African, distinctively exotic, sculptured jewellery!

These compelling creations are made in Zimbabwe and are inspired by a sweet story! Thirty five years ago Patrick (a soldier at the time) lovingly carved a pair of earrings for his wife, Catja, whose hairdresser requested her own pair! And that’s how the brand was born!

Swimming-croc cufflinks and glorious grouse are some of the wildlife-themed silver creations you can choose from! Apart from an abundant portfolio of women’s jewellery, they make everything from men’s cufflinks, buckles and bangles to freestanding sculptures, paper weights and pen holders!

If your Classic Escape includes Mauritius, Nairobi, Harare or you could visit their stores in person, otherwise you can purchase their masterpieces online! 


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