15 February 2017


In the midst of the New Year madness, I had the opportunity to travel to Kwandwe in early January for a mid-week break. It took me a milli second to say yes, and several hours of questioning whether I should be abandoning the high season madness.

I still went, and I’m more than glad I did. Escaping Cape Town with an early flight to Port Elizabeth followed by two hours on the road, we were greeted by a blanket of unending gold. It was then that I realised the immensity of my bush fix need.

Though I’ve travelled to Kwandwe many times before and seen enough wildlife to last me a lifetime, being enveloped by the bush never tires. To watch these animals grazing and stalking, to breath in the unpolluted air, to hear the sounds of the bush and to top it all off with a cheeky G&T as the day comes to a close, is inexplicably intoxicating and addictive.

What I personally love most about this magical slice of South Africa is how nature rubs shoulders with luxury in the most charmingly unpretentious way. Ecca Lodge is one of the four properties on Kwandwe Private Game Reserve and is stylish, youthful, relaxed, trendy in an exclusive six suite setting. 

Game viewing was exceptional (hence the preceding photoblog) with a diversity of species and sightings that would tick all the boxes.

Even though it was a quick escape, the calm during the 'high season storm' gave us a chance to clear our minds and nurture our bodies. And what better way to do that on our doorstep with an old friend.

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