3 October 2016

Elevate your Safari with a Private Guide

If you’re serious about safari or you’re a passionate photographer, being accompanied by a private guide will undoubtedly elevate your travel experience - whether you’re trekking for gorillas in Rwanda, exploring the rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia, or searching for the perfect photographic opportunity in the wildest corners of Africa’s pristine wilderness regions. 

As experts in the field of luxury African travel, it’s our job to ensure that our guests’ experiences are seamless. Although we’ve met hundreds of guides on our travels, we have personally chosen a handful of professionals whose guiding we hold in high esteem. On such a diverse continent, it goes without saying that each region in Africa differs dramatically, as do guests’ interests and aspirations. The specialist guides we’ve aligned with are so intuitive and experienced that they mould our clients’ journeys with proficiency and ease.

A true safari is not just about viewing wildlife and hearing a few fast facts; it is about connecting people to the land, its people, history, wilderness, wildlife and surrounding habitat. It’s about taking four or five different destinations and transforming them into one interconnected, unforgettable journey. And it’s about bringing guests so close to Africa’s wildlife that they feel the beat of Africa in their hearts. And when you come to the end of your privately-guided safari, you won’t be left with merely a memory of beautiful sightings; you’ll leave feeling enriched by a deeper connection and understanding of the regions you have explored.

In short, if you are looking for that extra special way to elevate your safari we will gladly match you with the perfect guide. A few benefits of having your own guide are: 

  • You dictate your own safari schedule and time in the bush
  • Your guide will quickly identify your likes and dislikes and will intuitively know where to go and what to do to fulfil your aspirations
  • He ensures the continuity of your journey from one lodge to the next by liaising with respective lodge Staff and local guides to make sure your experience is ever-evolving and non-repetitive
  • You’re privy to a constant stream of knowledge throughout your journey 
  • And in the company of an attentive host and well-travelled companion   

The beauty of a privately-guided journey is that your needs or any questions that may arise on the safari are gently managed by a dedicated naturalist every step of the way. These passionate professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of the environment in which you are travelling, its conservation concerns, history, culture, geology and resident fauna and flora.

For further information on private guides email: [email protected]

Image supplied by Marco Tonoli

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