10 August 2016

Delaire Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend!

Diamonds, wine, art, fine dining and spa treatments are my best friends! And I got to spend time with all five of them this weekend at the jewel of the Cape Winelands. 

As Cape Town’s wayfaring connoisseurs of discerning travel, we arrived promptly on Sunday afternoon for an overnight stay and site inspection at Delaire Graff. We stepped straight into a cloud of indulgence and seamlessness lead by a team of hospitality maestro’s.

Coats? Fireside cappuccinos? Biscotti? Wine Tasting? Steam room? Sauna? Back massage? Outdoor Jacuzzi? Sparkling Wine? Canapés? Chocolates? Wine sommelier? Wine pairing? Dinner? Breakfast? Farm tour? Art tour? Exhausted from the previous week’s exertions, we promptly went into autopilot and obediently allowed ourselves to be cosseted into the suggested and quite frankly surreal itinerary!

Our entire experience was as flawless as a Graff diamond, on every level. The staff were unbelievably attentive and read our minds - we literally didn’t have to ask for one thing, other than help finding the plug points! Their beds are the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced, which would explain why they’ve had more than one unusual request from guests to purchase them directly from the estate (true story)!

Their wines and wine tasting experience are world-class and the food, outstanding! We dined at Indochine, a South African-Asian fusion restaurant governed by Virgil Kahn – a fine dining craftsman! His dishes a delicate balance of exotic flavor with an elegant twist of creatively decorated homegrown garnishes such as pretty petunias! Even our young waiter had an interesting story to tell, coming from humble beginnings his hunger for success has afforded him a fine art course through part time work!

The views and landscapes are exuberant and we were privileged enough to take up trip up to Leopards Landing the next morning – a helipad-come-picnic-spot overlooking the valley.

Natural beauty aside, their Graff Diamond Boutique, one of the best in the world, is jaw dropping! And Graff’s latest investment is Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl – displayed so barely and publicly that guests don’t believe its authenticity! I’d spoil the experience if I were to recount all the artworks, but what stood out for me, other than ‘The Green Lady’ was Lionel Smit’s portrait of the man himself, Laurence Graff. Oh and the other work I must mention is the Kendell Geers new controversial addition titled AniMystikAKtivist!

This slice of heaven aptly named ‘from the sky’ exceeded my every expectation (even for those who like the finer things)!


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