28 July 2016


Two weeks into my job as Marketing Manager for Classic Escapes and I get given a ninety-minute massage at Ellerman House! I’d never had such a long massage! How was I going to enjoy it when I knew that, one day, just like a good dream, it would come to an abrupt end? Then I remembered my mother’s mantra ‘all good things come to an end’, so I put my big girl panties on and off I went! Speaking of my Mum, I took her with me … things are always better shared! 

We arrived promptly with our bikinis and winter woolies in tow! Contradictory as it may seem, it had all been strategically planned. Bikini’s for the steam room and winter woolies because we refused to have a glass of bubbly without soaking up the sunset and spectacular views from the balcony, even if it is winter in Cape Town!

Courteously escorted to the front door by their welcoming concierges, we entered Ellerman as though it were our home! We wound our way down the staircase commending the art along the way, and were met by Vicky (the massage muse and head of the Spa)! Vicky took us on a tour and introduced us to the staff who were all wonderfully warm!

What a place! And what a story! I’m not sure what fascinated me the most. The fact that the walls are lined with one of South Africa’s finest fine art collections, or the Ellerman House Wine Gallery. An avant-garde space surrounded by modern art such as the Corkscrew, storing 1500 of South Africa’s top red wines, the Terroir Wall, a soil map made of terroir from 100 wine farms in the Western Cape region and a Champagne Cellar complete with a chalk wall – all designed by South Africans!

Then we were whisked off to the spa, we climbed into our gowns and were served the most delicious infused tea I’ve ever tasted in my life – how something so tasty can good for you I know not!

I opted for a Chinese stretch massage, which was not only incredible relaxing, but also cathartic. And our massage therapists, Louise and Vicky, have an intuition and guest rapport second to none!

From there we floated up to the balcony and served to us by the most gracious waiter, was a glass of bubbly paired with snacks and canapés. We both sat quietly, as calm as cucumbers watching the waves lap up against the Atlantic shores and inhaled a big dose of gratitude!

We left reluctantly feeling as light as feathers and as happy as truffle pigs. Our cups had been filled. My Ellerman House experience was a great reminder of why I’m stupendously proud to be South African.

All good things do come to an end, but in my case, our office is around the corner so they won’t get rid of me in a hurry!


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